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How does your child’s standard of English compare to international students?

At Just Education, we are all about helping your child to not only do well in school, but also obtain an international standard of English. In order for that, the first step is to understand your child’s strengths and weaknesses.

Through our much sought after Diagnostics Test and consultation with our experts, you will better understand what your child requires.

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Technology-Integrated Lessons

Multimedia-enhanced learning experiences engage the students and make the learning process an enjoyable journey. Fun learning is not a myth anymore!

Young learners thrive in environments that provide multiple means of assessing information and knowledge presented in various formats. With the right kind of multimedia tools, tutors can capture attention, engage learners, explain difficult concepts, promote information retention and inspire creativity.

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Enhanced Materials

User-friendly and comprehensive materials to help your child grasp new concepts, apply new knowledge and develop higher order thinking skills.

The Outcome: Significant Improvement In Academic Results!

With each lesson, your child will become more confident and receptive towards approaching challenging questions and learning new techniques.

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A* Tutor

Just Education has the best interests of our students at heart and adopts a very stringent standard in our recruitment and selection of tutors. Through regular evaluation procedures, we ensure that tutors maintain the highest teaching standards and fulfil the 5 ‘C’s requirements set by our company.
At Just Education, you can be assured that your child is given the best guidance on his/her learning journey.

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Customised 1-1 tutorial

We provide one on one tutoring upon request. Please contact us for more detail .

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Highest Results Assured

We are committed in developing our students to be independent thinkers. We cultivate a ‘can do’ belief in our students through our tutoring, coaching and mentoring approach. Armed with this belief, they overcome their self-doubt and mental barriers to strive for educational excellence.

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